Social Media Trends for 2022

The rise of social media has become a staple for brands, but the sudden surge in users has not been so beneficial for everyone. Users find the noise annoying, and many would rather engage in a small community where content is shared more freely. This is where micro-communities have become popular in recent years, with smaller audiences and high engagement rates. While they still do not rival the popularity of larger communities, they do have their benefits.

The rise of social media has given marketers a competitive edge. With more users, they can target a greater market share. On the flip side, however, this can result in more competition and content saturation, which can lead to overspending. On the other hand, a brand can take advantage of social trends to get ahead of the competition and improve brand visibility and user engagement. Here are some social media trends for 2022:

Video content is the most engaging content format, and brands are embracing this trend. In fact, many are considering premium video content in the future. Videos grab a user’s attention quickly and are easier to share. Video content is increasingly popular on social platforms, with Instagram recently introducing the Reels feature, which lets users create and share short videos. Other social networks such as Facebook and Snapchat will likely introduce video-creation features as well.

As we move forward into the next decade, social media will continue to change and become a much more valuable tool for brands to reach their customers. TikTok, the newest and fastest growing social network, has already outperformed Facebook Messenger and Snapchat in terms of monthly active users. This trend will continue to grow, and brands will have to be prepared to leverage this powerful platform. It is imperative to keep up with the latest trends, otherwise they could miss out on the opportunity to reach new audiences and engage with them.

In terms of marketing, influencer marketing will become the most popular tactic in 2022 and beyond. Brands will work with a select group of micro-influencers to create content and promote their products. Influencer marketing has been popular for a few years, but its popularity has grown since the global pandemic. Taking advantage of these micro-influencers will help you maximize your Instagram reach. And it will also help you create more unique content that will stand out among other content.

VR and Augmented Reality headsets are expected to become widely available by 2022. AR is an emerging technology that uses augmented reality to enhance content. It is increasingly popular on social media, and has already reached over 200 million users worldwide. TikTok is also on the rise. Snapchat, Instagram and other social media sites are already heavily relying on AR, and marketers are planning to increase their spending on this platform. If you’re looking to increase your ROI, AR and VR may be the way to go.

Julie Gallaher

Sacramento is my town! During my 25 year+ career in marketing & advertising, I've worked with over a thousand local Sacramento businesses. I'm happy to share my favorites with you.